May is Mental Health Awareness Month

I know it’s not May yet, but soon it will be. It’s never too early to start thinking about if and how you would like to be involved. Mental Health America has even put together a toolkit for those interested in getting involved. This year’s theme is centered around community. How does the community impact mental health? MHA provided other topics they plan to address during MHAM, such as safe & stable housing, healthy home environments, neighborhoods & towns, and the outdoors & nature. These are all concepts we can consider when thinking about influences on mental health.

Of course, I always find ways of bringing up Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (or humanistic perspectives at least). Having a stable community is critical for the healthy psychological development of individuals, and this year’s theme of community will discuss just how important it is. Of course, there are more aspects of the hierarchy of needs than physiological needs and basic safety needs, but these two concepts are the first two needs that build the foundational grounding for development.

I’m hoping to get more involved in my community by understanding my community’s mental health needs and doing my best to acknowledge those needs within my ability. What do you plan to do for Mental Health Awareness Month?

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