Life Coaching Services

Starting July 6, 2022! Accepting clients starting July 1, 2022…

I’ve always been passionate about helping people find what makes them happy and to be at peace with their lives. Now, I can help you find yours as well. Certified in Psychological First Aid, I can assist in helping you get back on track with your life and feel more empowered. I am currently attending school for my MA in Psychology at the University of Arizona Global Campus.

Disclaimer: Life coaching is not the same as therapy. If you are in need of a mental illness diagnosis, I can provide resources to licensed professionals in your respective area.

Eradication Wellness: Life Coaching Services

Services offered:

  • Mental Health Strategy: includes self-care routines, mental health resources, tips and tricks
  • Career Pathways: Need help finding your dream job? Don’t know where to start? I’m here to help.
  • Safe Space Vent: Always a safe session for venting, no lectures, no advice unless you want it.
  • Relationship Help: If you’re having problems, I can try to point you in the right direction.
  • Quality of Life Improvement: Need a better outlook on life? This one is right for you.



Prior to initiating any service, every new client will be provided a free initial consultation to meet the life coach, discuss goals and understanding of life coaching, and retain any necessary external referrals.

Hourly/A la carte

$25 / hour

As an a la carte option, you can schedule a singular 1-hour session. This session will include one of the services offered above (to be listed when you schedule). If you would like to utilize another service, you will need to schedule it on a separate day or time slot. Payment is due at the time of scheduling.


One service: $80 / month

  • four 1-hour sessions, one per week (within 30 days)

Self-Care is the Best Care package

If you decide to utilize all services at once, this is the best package for you.

This does have a six-month commitment due to the personalization of services.

  • $450 / 6 months

Payment arrangements can be made for this option. However, a 30% deposit will be required to schedule.

Booking Process:

  • After booking your appointment, you will receive confirmation of your appointment with an invoice for scheduled services. Payment will be due by the appointment day/time. If payment is not received by the appointment, the appointment will be canceled.
  • Payment arrangements may be made with Eradication Wellness. Just contact me through my contact page or call/text me at 405-687-8499.
  • All services are done virtually through your video service of choice (Google Meet, Zoom, Instagram video, Messenger, etc). Please indicate the method of your choice in the booking process.


“Very few people do I feel comfortable sharing anything personal with. I’ve learned over the years that you have to be careful who you surround yourself with. Sharissa was one of those people that I knew I could trust right away, and I did just that. She has an energy about her that feels safe and so positive. She not only encourages you to obtain a deeper understanding of yourself, but to be your number one cheerleader! I’m so happy to know her on such a personal level, and I will always go to her for advice as long as she’ll have me.”

Allie S.

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