Women’s History Month

I wanted to make sure I got to do a blog post regarding women’s history month before it ended. In recent years, women’s history has become a hot topic of discussion.

Last year, with the overturning of Roe v. Wade, we saw many fears happen right before our eyes. The worries of dystopian futures riddled our anxious hearts. We knew exactly what they were doing, but the other side constantly tried reassuring us that they just wanted the state’s to have their own power. However, since June 2022, we’ve seen multiple extreme changes to our freedoms and our rights being stripped away slowly but surely. Now, Walgreens is even pulling medication abortion meds from their stock in 20+ states out of fear from extreme-right politicians and attorneys general. A supreme court judge in Texas has heard arguments and may even seek to overturn the FDA approval for mifepristone and other medication abortion drugs. It’s frightening to see how only fifty years later, women’s rights are being threatened once again. This affects more than just women’s rights though – this massive movement has spurred bans on drag shows, LGBTQ+ rights, and much more. People’s lives are on the line as places like Florida and Tennessee seek to allow people to use force to enforce these new dystopian laws.

Living in this kind of fear is enough to create psychological trauma for people who fit in these marginalized groups. Living in a state where you cannot feel safe because you don’t fit in the box that their created society wants to fit you into. If you want to fix the mental health rates, stripping away human rights is NOT the way to do it. People in America have a fundamental right to live freely and happily as long as there is no harm.

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