A Taste of Career Coaching

Remember back in Kindergarten when we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up? Most of us said things like firefighters or rock stars. Maybe some of those kids actually grew up to be those things, and maybe some of them didn’t – and that’s okay. I wanted to be an actress at first, but I have some memories of saying I wanted to be a nurse, then I wanted to be a doctor, and many other things. What I also specifically remember is how much of an external influence I had when I expressed my ideas about potential occupations. At one time, I wanted to be a nurse, but I remember my mom wanting me to be a doctor.

Those external influences are usually what people experience when they start second-guessing if the profession they are going to school for is even what they really want. It becomes an “is this really what I want?” situation. The high expectations to become something that you don’t actually want to do forever is enough pressure from society to make people crumble into addiction, depression, or other mental health issues.

Why do we spend so much time worrying about what the world thinks?

Social psychology tells us that it is because it is ingrained in our DNA to want acceptance among our peers. It’s why so many people blindly follow a religious practice, political affiliation, or organization for so long – to be accepted by a community, even if you don’t actually agree with what they have to say. With that in mind, the culture you were raised in likely had specific actions expected from you as an individual in their community. For example, in some cultures, women are expected to get married, become mothers, forfeit higher education, and keep house. What if you didn’t want to become a mother? What if you wanted to become a doctor? This cultural expectation of you might make you feel short-changed, or robbed of attaining your own personal goals.

It’s possible that if you’ve lived in a culture-based society that you may have been stagnant in one profession that you felt pressured to get into, solely because your family wanted that for you, or your family refused to pay for your schooling unless you majored in what they wanted you to major in. It all fits into this topic.

So, what’s next?

The first step, if you are ready to make a career change, is to self-reflect. Grab a notebook or journal, and write down what motivates you (personally) to get up and work each day or what you want to motivate you. Write down what people, places, or things inspire you to push forward. Write down your interests and hobbies. Think about things that you can visualize seeing yourself doing professionally.

Once you have a solid idea written down, this can help you determine if you are ready for a shift in your career. Can you see yourself settling for what others want for you, or are you ready to take control and create the happiness you deserve?

Your self-worth isn’t measured by the validation of others. It’s measured by how you view yourself.

Here is how I can help

As a life coach, I can assist in career coaching. Since my mission is motivated by helping individuals find their inner peace and happiness, careers are a part of life and careers play into happiness – so here we are.

After our consultation and first session, we will have an established idea of what your career goals are, and I will organize a visual representation of options for achieving the career goal. Each option will provide a multitude of information on each step toward achieving the goal and will include mini-goals along the way to remind you that are making progress (some external validation is nice).

Depending on what option is chosen, I will help you step-by-step (seeking proper education, certification/licensure, resume writing, interview prep, etc). I will follow you until you achieve that goal and be available for your questions all throughout the process.

Remember: Finding your passion doesn’t have to be the hardest thing to achieve. I’m here to help!

If you are interested in life coaching sessions with me, head on over to Life Coaching Services to see what I have to offer.

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