Evidence that a Positive Mindset creates Better Outcomes

COVIDstories Cover: The COVID Collective

I am excited to share that I am part of a new book called “COVIDstories” which is a collection of 19 stories (we call ourselves the ‘COVID Collective,’) and we will be releasing the book on the Amazon platforms Thursday 11/11! I’m sure we’ve all been overwhelmed by such an influx of negative stories and experiences throughout this pandemic so the author asked me and others to share our stories of ‘positive outcomes’ from the pandemic. It is not on the Amazon bookshelf yet, but will be on THURSDAY NOV 11, so I hope you purchase a copy of the book.

I will release the links on Thursday!

The links are here!

Paperback Link

Kindle Link

Also, remember when I talked about important mindsets were? Maybe that was just in the podcast, but this book is true evidence of how your mindset absolutely reflects your outcome. I absolutely recommend reading it and seeing how it ended for some of us!

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