National Suicide Prevention Month

National Suicide Awareness/Prevention Month: September

I know I am more than half a month late in making a post about Suicide Awareness Month, but it’s been hectic as I know it probably has for a lot of people. In the past (almost) two years, we all have been through a rollercoaster of things that might have sent us into a downward spiral of emotions and breakdowns and relapses and so much more.

You are not alone.

I know that suicide awareness should be focused on more than just one month a year along side everything else that has it’s own specific month. That is why this site exists. A site where you can find resources, support groups, advice, guidance, anything that helps you find yourself.

This is your time to focus on bettering mental health for yourself and for others as well. If you have your stuff together, help someone else who seems to be struggling. Reach out to your loved ones the rest of this month and let them know they are cared for and loved, and that they have support to get the help they need… and hey, same goes for you too.

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